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Alisa Logue

Oh, Danielle! Not one space but two! There's not much in life that I covet but space is one of them. Lovely! No wonder your creations are so exquisite! -Alisa


that's it...I am officially jealous!!!!

Michelle Day

Wow, now that is a nice storage room. Functional, yet beautiful to look at too. My work room is always a mess.


This space is just truly amazing. I am now aching to get busy in my storage room. Of course, it will never look anything like this beautiful space. Enjoy.


wow! Sure enjoyed checking out your storage room for your stuff! so well organized, so much eye candy! i may have to show this to my husband so he does not feel he is the only one whose wife has containers full of stuff! :)


WOW! Your space is fantastic! Everything is so well organized. I am very impressed (and green with envy!)

Cindy (Junque Art)

How awesome!!! I love the wall of wire baskets!!! Can I come over and play?

Sarah Keith

Looks like a fun place to be alone and be creative!


Ooo what a fabulous studio! I love the chair cover!

Sandy :)


I'm sorry, but I hate you. That is a dream room you have there. Love the gift wrap container. And the storage cubbies/shelves. And all that ribbon.
I've got old cheese boxes and cigar boxes too. Under my bed, I think.
I have some work to do. :)

Maija Lepore

Oh, it looks like heaven to me!


I have a huge crock just like yours and have not been able to find something to do with it. Rolls of wrapping paper have a perfect home here.


Wow, Danielle! I can't believe how organized you are--wonderful!

Kristin Hubick

Hi Danielle! I'm trying to add some storage to one of the rooms in my home. Did you build your white shelving or buy it from somewhere? It's just what I would need!

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